Can eating too low calories make you gain weight instead of losing?


Are you a person who keeps a track on your eating and do workouts determinedly but still you are not seeing changes in your body? Have your metabolism taken a stall? Is it surprising to gain weight by eating too little? This blog is on how what’s happening to your body and how to fix it

How do we gain weight in spite of eating too little?

One among the hundred people in our life whom we meet in our life has this question in their mind how do I gain weight in spite of eating less?

 We are confused, frustrated and angry (precisely hungry) because people who are trying to lose weight do everything they can try like eating less may be too less than the required amount of energy that your body needs that is when people who are trying to lose weight gain weight instead of losing weight.

We all have a doubt that we can eat too less and gain weight?

Let’s discuss it in detail.

The thermodynamic factor doesn’t lie.

We might be aware of the concept of thermodynamics. Thermodynamics is the process where your body gets the required calories in and pushes out the unwanted calories out from our body.

 Thermodynamics is the factor where our body uses the required energy to carry out its daily activity. In simple words, we consume energy in the form of food and supplements and expel energy through activities like

  • Basic Metabolism
  • Physical activities like involving in exercises.
  • Thermogenesis process where the body produces heat and burns the excess calories from our body.
  • Digestion process
  • Excretion.

Energy balance is the key factor to decide your bodyweight.

 It is a general concept that if we consume more energy than we burn out then you end up gaining weight and it is vice versa that if we consume less than we expel out our body burns fat and loses weight. This is one of the proven methods by researchers in many factors.

There many factors that have an influence on your weight which makes us get confused and try methods that are not going to work.

However, people do not rebel against the law of thermodynamics.

We face unexplained changes in our weight due to various factors. There are times where we eat a heavy supper and woke up lighter the next day? You are confused about why you are not losing weight in spite of doing everything perfectly.

We might face weight issues due to certain factors like your hormones, your metabolic rate the energy consumed in and energy expelled out.

Measuring your metabolism is problematic

Each body has a different metabolic rate and it becomes tricky to measure your accurate metabolic rate. But science has proven that you can measure the basal metabolic rate that is the energy required by you to keep you active and live healthily.

 Science and technology have developed so much that it is possible to measure your metabolic rate.  In fact, you can know the metabolic rate by using some apps where you can calculate your food taken in and expelled out. But we cannot determine how your metabolism is doing because each one has different a type of body that one suits you may not suit others.

So most of the time we do things with a perspective thought.

We humans have the nature to guess bad things in a correct way. One correct example is eating too low will make you to shed that extra weight from your body.

We do not lose weight in spite of doing things determinedly because we face difficulty in adapting to portion control and healthy eating choices.

Weight reduction by having too low food can actually lead you to gain weight because in this phase your body gets adapted to the lifestyle you follow.

The nature of your metabolic rate might be skeptical

It is easy for us to believe that eating less will make you gain weight because our body is not like our phones or computer.

Our human body is complex in nature because it responds faster to the lifestyle you follow.

When we eat too low for a longer period our body’s system gets adapted to it and your metabolism level also decreases.

For example

We spend low energy because you consume too low food.

The metabolic rate goes down when you consume too low food for a long period as your body gets adapted to it.

 The digestion process becomes slow and you get more energy from your food and this leads to gain in weight.

Not only eating too low make you gain weight even our hormones play a role in it.

The thyroid hormones and sex hormones help us to keep active throughout the day it goes down if you consume too little food.

Eating low food may cause food cravings and these food cravings will make you eat foods that are low in nutrients and you end up gaining weight.

 The point is that the metabolic rate of our body is complicated and they are inter-related. We need to analyze it and fix it.

We, humans, are diverse in nature and our metabolism is a part of it

 Each body has its unique responses like physique, genetics and the calories required by them to keep them healthy and alive.

For example let us consider two people of the same age, height, and sex but can we say that both required the same energy? The answer would be no because each one has a different metabolic rate.

Basal Metabolic Rate: Basal metabolic rate is the basic metabolic rate that your body requires to keep you active and alive. This may vary up to 12 to 15 percentage. On average a man or a woman requires 200 to 280 calories.

 The Genetic difference has also played its vital role when it comes to metabolic rate. A change in the gene can add up to 180 calories.

Sleep deprivation We all know that all human being needs the same energy to carry their metabolism but a person with sleep deprivation may have 5 to 25 percent changes in their metabolic rate. The calorie required by them will be more that is 300 to 500 calories.

Women who undergo menstruation will have an effect on their metabolic rate and they might add up to 180 calories.

 The energy balance is required by our body if you are trying to lose weight eating too low food won’t help in losing weight.

Water retention

 Cortisol is also known as stress hormones it has effects on the fluid levels of our body.

Food and nutrition restriction causes stress for people. When we have stressed our cortisol level increases and we overeat and we gain weight.

When the cortisol level in our body rises our body may store more water and we might feel lean than we are. Water retention can actually stop the weight loss process in our body and make you gain weight.

What methods can be taken if you feel you are eating too low?

Calculate your intake

Measuring your intake for a few weeks may help you to analyze what exactly your body requires and help you to keep focused on having the right amount of calories that are required to keep you active and alive.

Avoid processed foods

Foods that are processed are high in chemicals and may affect your metabolic rate.

Food that is low processed or whole food is filled with loads of nutrients like proteins, minerals, fibe, and polynutrient that are low in chemicals and less in calories. Eating whole foods keep you full for a longer period and it suppresses your cravings.

Watch on the macronutrient level

Some people have a higher metabolic rate when they eat food that is high in carb and low in fat and vice versa.

There is no single diet that all people could follow each body has a different metabolism and each one requires different nutrients. Find the best which suits you and work accordingly.

Own decision

Own decision is the best thing a person could ever do because we all have different choices and it is ok to indulge according to your choice.

If you are still skeptical or having trouble in reaching your goal weight you shall approach your personal trainer who can guide you

Note: Overeating might make you gain weight and even eating less will also make you gain weight as your metabolic rate drops down since it got adapted for a longer period. It is advised to have a minimum of 1200 calories a day to keep you active and healthy.


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