Do Fat loss and muscle gain how progressive it is?


When it comes to fat loss and weight loss everyone wants to have worthy photo’s of their before and after transformation. But in reality fat loss and muscle gain are two extreme and you need to be consistent to achieve that. Here we will discuss on how fat loss and muscle gain work and how realistic is the process would be.

 For example, let us consider two people

One is a 28-year woman who wants to lose 15 kgs of the extra weight that she had put on during her graduation

Another man who is 25 years old want to gain 15 kg of muscle mass to his body.

Like many people, they are also ready to give up on their favorite food or they are ready to give up on anything to reach their target.

 How long will it take it take to achieve their goals?

The answer will depend on the metabolism of your body. Yes, u heard it right when you want to lose fat and gain muscle it depends on your metabolism, calorie intake, protein intake, and strength training.

When it comes to fat loss or weight gain people get stressed out and think they have got the worst results. This might be due to various reasons.

 They might have started with expectations that do not work.

They could not withstand the initial rate of their progressive results.

All the mentioned above.

In this blog, we will discuss how the progressive rate of fat loss and muscle gain based on the evidence.

Are your results not progressive?

If you are a person who is working hard to achieve the body what you desire and you do not find results that progressive. There might be many reasons that affect your muscles gaining factors let us discuss a few factors why your muscle gain process is not progressive.

Lack of sufficient eating.

 You cannot gain muscles if you are not eating enough to maintain your weight. It is not necessary that you should eat more proteins. The proper nutrient food will help you to gain muscles.

Eating too much

We believe that the intake of protein-rich foods helps in gaining muscle mass and we start eating too many calories than what your body required. This takes a stall on your metabolism levels and slows down muscle gaining process.

Consumption of Food before and after the workout

It is necessary to fuel your energy after an intense workout because after an intensive workout your muscles will be broken down and it increases the cortisol level which acts as a barrier for your muscle growth. The best method to prevent this is to load your body with enough carbohydrates that are required to prevent cortisol to have a negative effect on your body.

Lack of weight training:

When your body loses fats and starts to develop muscles. The lack of weight training might damage your muscles and bones. It is recommended to do at least four days of strength training workout to prevent the damage of bones and muscles.

When you are trying to achieve your desired board have a goal on what you want and how does the progressive success look alike

 The progressive rate starts when what you need to achieve regarding the health of your body.

  • Do you want to lose a few kilos and stay healthier?
  • Do you want to look fit in your old skinny jeans?
  • Do you want to have a shredded version of yours with visible abs?

Make sure what you really want. Let us discuss a few examples

If you want to lose 15 pounds: Many believe you do not understand how much fat should be lost to achieve the desired body composition. You might think you should lose only 15 pounds, in reality, it might differ your body might require to lose 30 pounds instead of 15 pounds.

If you want to gain muscles: If you want to gain muscles you should understand that the gain of little fat should be ok.

If you want to look muscular: We know that getting leaner will help us to achieve our goal faster. “ Losing fat is the best way to look muscular”.

If you want to look fit with a six -pack: If a person wants to achieve this physique he or she must be consistent in their workout and should follow a calorie deficit diet, and a traditional lifestyle without modernization in their food habits.  If you have been heftier for a longer period you might have saggy skin.

The progressive way of your body’s fat loss

The fat you lose from your body depends on how consistently you work to reduce those extra pounds from your body.

The vigorous consistency helps you to lose 1 to 1.7 lbs of your body weight and for men, it varies from 2 to 3 and for women it is 1.65 to 2.5 lbs.

The moderate progressive rate helps you to reduce 0.5 to 1.2 lbs of your body weight and for men, it varies from 1 to 2 lbs and for women it is 0.9 to 1.765

The average progressive rate of your weight loss is less than 0.5 percent of your body weight and you will lose less than 1 lbs for men and for women it is less than 0.8 lbs

The process of fat loss is fast when

For example, if you are a person who consumes 3200 calories a day to carry out your daily activity and maintain your ideal body weight. If you suddenly have a fall on your calorie intake to 2200 calories a day you made a calorie deficit of 1000 calories a day that leads to rapid weight loss.

Once you lose a few pounds from your body your body becomes deficit. This deficit slows down the fat loss process.

The leaner you become slower the fat loss process and you will experience more weight loss plateaus where you will find difficulty in losing fat.

Fat loss is like a road trip it requires a lot of dedication and effort. If you follow a calorie deficit diet with the required amount of energy you will have a fat loss process faster.

The progressive rate of muscle gain

The capacity to gain muscled depends on factors like age, genetics, hormones, calorie intake, workout and resistance training.

Muscle gain is not like the fat loss journey it requires consistent resistance and strength training workout.

When you are trying to gain muscle mass it is required to follow a dedicated strength training workout and consume foods that are rich in protein.

Young women and men below the age of 30 have more muscle gain in their bodies because at this age your testosterone and sex hormones are high during this phase. These are the important factor that plays a vital role in building your muscles

The factors that make your fat loss tough

The old people tend to lose more fat.

Females tend to lose fat at a slow phase due to their hormones and other activities.

The people who do not engage themselves in a regular workout. Too much cardio workout will make your fat loss process harder.

Being inconsistent in what you do can make you fat instead of losing.

The persons who face sleep deprivation, hormonal imbalance, medical condition, and health ailments slow down the process of your fat loss.

The factors that make your muscle loss hard.

People require consistent strength training but many fail to do and this slows down your metabolic process. The Excessive cardio workout will also slow down the process of your muscle gain.

The increased level of cortisol will make you stressed and when you have stressed your muscles break down and stop your muscle gain.

Not seeing progressive results?

Step 1: Calculate your daily energy intake. If you are planning to lose fat or weight follow a calorie deficit diet.

Step 2: Calculate your protein intake. Try adding more protein to your diet it helps in losing fat and gain muscles.

Step 3: Carbohydrates is important for our body. Having an adequate amount of carbohydrate in our food help to lose fat and people who are trying to gain muscle should consume foods that are rich in carbohydrates and this help to gain muscles.

Step 4: Review your intake of fat. The consumption of essential fatty acids can help you to gain muscle and lose fat. If you face issues like inflammation and bloating stop eating fatty acid food or consume foods that have low fatty acids.

Note: Each body has a different metabolism you should analyze what suits you and work according to it. Consistency is the key factor to lose fat and gain weight.


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