Ready to witness the fit version of yourself? Are you up for the thirty-day food challenge? Here is the complete guide on it


Diet challenges are generally on what foods you can’t eat. But we all know that each body has a different metabolism and this applies to the case of the diet as well. If you can see results from your self-experiments that do not need to control the food you consume. This 30-day food challenge will focus on how you consume food instead of what you eat. This will help in achieving a great transformation.

What is the 30-day eating challenge and how to follow it?

 The 30-day eating challenge is a challenge where you follow a clean eating process where you avoid processed food and start consuming whole foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables from which you get enough nutrients that are required for our body. This diet also helps in boosting up your metabolism and also helps you to lose a few pounds of extra weight that is stored in your body for a long period.

The steps to follow clean eating to lose a few pounds or stay healthy.

Chew your food and eat mindfully:

It is a simple method one could ever follow. The food you consumed should be chewed well so that your taste buds respond to the food that you intake and help in suppressing your hunger. When you eat food you should not think of distraction as it slows downs your digestion process and the food you consume gets stored in your body for a longer period. It is recommended to eat slowly and keep your mind relaxed while eating. People who eat slowly have witnessed rapid weight loss when compared to people who eat food faster.

Our body needs 21 days to get adapted to its system. This 30-day challenge helps your body to get adapted to this lifestyle and help in reducing a few pounds.

What are the five methods that a 30-day eating challenge will transform your body and mind?

When we have thought of healthy eating we people get skeptical and too many thoughts run in our mind for example

Is it worth to have a protein shake or supplements before and after a workout?

Will eating potatoes and cheese make you fat?

Keto or Paleo is worth the hype? Does it help in losing weight?

Eating slowly and thoughtfully plays an important role than

How do you eat?

What do you eat?

When you eat and are you eating healthy?

In this blog post, we have mentioned that slow eating will help in transforming you into a healthier version. This is not the case where you keep munching on junks slowly and want to look healthy.

Slow eating is a powerful habit that helps in transforming a healthier version of you if you follow clean eating along with slow eating.

Instead of being focused on what to eat, which food to eat and how to implement portion control in your diet start focusing on eating slow. Eating slow is the best way if you are trying to shed a few pounds from your body or want to fit into your old skinny jeans.

Slow eating is like a treasure hunt series because everyone can access it daily but none has much knowledge about it.

Eat without depression

We people tend to consume more food when we are depressed this makes your calorie intake at a higher rate. When you are depressed you eat fast and your calorie intake is also high.

For example, let us consider two persons

The first person eats his meal as quickly as possible

The second person eats slowly and thoughtfully.

The person who consumed food faster had a calorie intake of 650 calories in 15 minutes.

The other person who consumed their food at a slow phase had a calorie intake of 555 calories in 25 minutes.

In 15 minutes gap, one ate 75 calories lesser than the other person because our brain takes 20 minutes to send signals and to start functioning. Slow eating sends the system to work and makes you feel fuller.

When you start eating slowly you will enjoy the food and your tastebuds will respond to the food that you consume and make you feel content and feel depressed.

You will look amazing and feel best:

 Are you a person who is suffering from ailments like bloating, dizzy, stomach ache and fatigue? You do not need to worry slow eating helps in this case.

Why eating speed is important?

 When you start gulping your food you eat more and chew less. This will harm your health.

Our stomach is like a palm-size when your food is not broken down into pieces it leads to indigestion and Glycemic Index problems. In this way, our body will not get enough nutrients and you will face various complications.

When you chew and eat your food your digestion process works in a controlled way and you will get rid of ailments like stomach ache and bloating.

Start to eat when you are hungry not when you are full?

When it comes to eating you must understand the difference between being hungry and being full.

The most common mistake we people do is we consume food when we are not hungry and we eat when we are full.

The slow eating process helps you to understand when you are hungry and it helps you to know about your appetite and help in controlling your craving.

The key to losing weight is to listen to your body and helps you to make a healthy choice.

How to eat slowly

Eating slowly is the most efficient method and it is not an easy task.

Try any of these in your 30-day healthy challenge and shed a few pounds.

Consumption of water before food:

The consumption of water before food help in suppressing your cravings and it also helps in reducing your appetite.

Eat thoughtfully:

When you start eating do not get distracted by sitting in front of the television, driving, talking and using mobile phones.  When you pay attention to the food you eat your body gets adapted to it and you start eating in portions which your body requires.

Do something in between your each meal

Keeping active is most important because it helps you to keep deviated from snacking and you reduce your calorie intake.

Enjoy your food
“ Life is only once to enjoy it”
is the most common phrase we hear from people the same applies to your food. Allow your tastebuds to sense the foods that you eat and it helps in improving the slow eating process and you also eat a few fewer calories and feel fuller for a longer period.


At the end of the 30-day transformation challenge, you will be able to analyze how your body responds to your signals and you will also observe some change in your body. This also helps in finding a healthier version of you.

Note: If you are in for the challenges try to avoid processed foods and consume foods that are rich in proteins, minerals and fiber as these foods help you to keep full for a long period.



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