Say goodbye to extra fat in your body and start intermittent fasting


 We have almost heard this proverb from some or other people who guide us to lose weight. The phrase states that eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a beggar. This is what you have heard from your parents or relatives or from people who guide you to reduce your wealth. Do you think this is the recommended lifestyle one should follow?  Definitely, no that’s where the intermittent fasting was a challenge was begun by few people to reduce weight and surprisingly it helped people to reduce weight without much effort. Before we begin saying more on it we will know what is intermittent fasting and how is it beneficial.

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is also known as IF and it is the most renowned way for losing a few extra pounds and make you look leaner and fitter. Intermittent Fasting is a way of eating it is not said as a diet but it is known as a lifestyle. Intermittent fasting helps in losing weight and helps in building a stronger muscle mass index so you become much healthy than ever. During the fasting window, your insulin level gets decreased and this helps to burn more fat than the expected rate when compared to the eating window where the insulin levels shoot up. In the initial stage, it is recommended to begin with minimum fasting hours that are 12 hours and later you can increase as per the metabolism of your body.

Intermittent fasting helps with weight loss

We might be aware of the concept that the food we eat is broke down into smaller molecules and stored in our body and we use that energy. If we don’t use that energy that fat gets deposited in our body and it has no place to go. When you start with intermittent fasting you insulin level drops down when your insulin levels are low your body burns more fat than expected and it is the most recommended method for people to lose weight.

The advantages of intermittent fasting

Due to increasing modernization, we people live on fast food and end our life also faster by facing various health-ailments like obesity, stress, blood pressure and so on. If you are one among the person who has all these complication intermittent fasting will have great effects on your body.

Intermittent fasting help in boosting up your energy levels and you have increased metabolism and help you to lose weight faster.

Intermittent fasting help in building muscles and reduce those stubborn fats that are deposited in your body for a longer period.

Intermittent fasting help in controlling bloating and it also helps in controlling blood pressure and lowers your triglyceride levels.  It also helps in having control over the food you chose to eat because it helps in improving the brain function and you will have control over what you eat.

How to begin with intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is not a tough task to begin all you need is to set a goal to reduce weight or have health benefits and start focusing on it and eat healthy meals in your eating window.

Methods of intermittent fasting

5:2: In this method, you are fasting five days a week and you restrict your calorie intake for the next two days like eating between 500 to 700 calories for these two days.

16:8:  In this method, you fast for sixteen hours and eat for six to eight hours and you are recommended to have healthy and nutritious food to break the fast.

20 hours fasting: It is also known as  the caveman method where you fast for long 20 hours and eat food for four hours and it is advised to have protein-rich food in their eating window as it helps them to suppress their hanger.

24 -hour fasting: In this fasting method, you do not consume any food during the fasting window and you are allowed to consume only liquid like green tea, water and Black coffee.

Dry Fasting:  Dry fasting is a hybrid plan for losing weight. People who have experienced the above fasting methods can try dry fasting because in this phase you are not even allowed to have water.

Can we consume water or have food during the window?

Many people doubt whether they eat or drink during their fasting window. Yes, you are allowed to drink liquids but it is restricted to only a few liquid drinks like water, Apple cider vinegar, green tea, and vegetable broth.

Any beverages or food that has more than ten calories should be avoided as it breaks down the fast and will have to counteract the effects of your fasting.

Should you begin with intermittent fasting?

We all have a skeptical thought of trying on intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is not a diet it’s a lifestyle if you are consistent to see the progressive in you and have a better a health it is recommended to begin with intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting has different eating patterns that suit different people. If you feel that intermittent fasting is the best way for betterment in your health then it is worth giving the try.

Note: Intermittent fasting should be avoided by people who are breastfeeding, underweight people, and  people who are dependent on insulin for diabetics.


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