The Role of protein in weight loss?


Our body requires few nutrients to maintain healthy and fit and the most important nutrient that is required for our body is protein. If you do not get enough proteins for your body you start suffering from various health ailments. The average protein required for our body depends on various factors like age factor, physical activity involvement, muscle, and physique goals.

Proteins are the major source that is required for building muscles, promotes hair growth and it also helps in improving the skin tone of your body. We know that protein is the important nutrient required by our body and without that life would be miserable and we will end up by suffering health complications.

Proteins are built from small molecular acids that are known as amino acids that are bound together like the beads on a string. On average a woman requires 47 gms of proteins for the healthy growth of the muscles and improving the health of the body and men requires 56 gms of proteins.

How protein is related to weight loss?

Protein is the major source when it comes to losing weight. The consumption of more proteins helps you to burn more fats and help in boosting up your metabolic rate and helps in reducing your appetite and this helps in reducing weight.

The consumption of protein is said to be the major contribution when it comes to weight loss and it can suppress your hunger and it also helps in the reduction of your calorie intake.

When you are planning to reduce weight try consuming proteins at least 30 % in your 2000 calorie diet which helps in suppressing your appetite and keeps you fuller for a longer period and helps you to reduce those extra kilos from your body.

What are protein-rich foods?

Animal products like eggs, fish, chicken, cheese, and paneer are rich in proteins and helps you to lose weight.

If you are a vegetarian product like chickpeas, Sprouted green gram, Tofu, Broccoli is rich in protein and keeps u fuller for a longer period.


Protein plays a major role in everyone’s life and without protein life would be miserable and on average women requires 46 to 80 gms of protein in a day and men requires 50 to 91 gms of proteins. The consumption of the right amount of proteins helps you to lead a healthy life and help you shed those extra kilos from your body and make you look fit and attractive.


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