Worried of saggy skin? Tips to overcome it


We might be aware of the concept that when we gain weight our skin has to stretch to deposit its extra fat. So you should be aware that when you try to lose weight we often face saggy skin problems.

If you are losing weight without exercise the fats that are stored in your body has no place to go and hence it makes your skin saggy. In this post, we have put some information to prevent saggy skin while losing weight.

Set a weekly goal

We all put weight by loading junk foods and expect our weight to reduce drastically within a few days which is not possible. If you are losing weight quickly it will cause saggy skin and makes your appearance bad and result in losing self-confidence in you. To reduce the risk of loose skin it is recommended to reduce the weight slow and healthily. For example, a rate of 600 gms to 1.2 kg per week is considered to be a healthy weight loss and helps in prevention of the saggy skin.

Balanced diet

 People generally have a misconception that only exercise is sufficient for maintaining a healthy life. Exercising is of no use when your body is not getting enough nutrients that are required to carry its daily process. Protein is an important nutrient that helps in maintaining the elasticity of your skin and helps in the prevention of saggy skin. To maintain your skin one must follow a protein-rich diet because collage is the vital protein that is required to prevent your skin from sagging. A diet that is rich in protein helps in suppressing your craving and prevents you from overeating. The meal you should consume should be rich in proteins, minerals, fats, and vegetables that are low in carbs.

Strength training

Strength training is the best method to build muscles and replace the fat that you have lost and helps in the prevention of saggy skin. The consistent strength training helps to tone your muscles and tightens your skin and prevents the skin from loosening. Strength training can be done with the help of dumbbells and resistance bands and it burns fats and helps in toning up the shape of your body.

Staying Hydrated

Water is the vital component for maintaining skin elasticity and consumption of a minimum of 2 litres of water is required on average to maintain your skin healthy and water also helps in giving a glow to your skin.

Proper skincare

When you lose weight your skin gets exposed to sunlight and other factors and this makes your skin looks tanned and daily exfoliation and scrubbing helps in removing dead cells from the body and it also helps in improving the blood circulation. When you are planning to do a workout on a sunny day use a proper sunscreen and this helps in controlling tan and helps in preventing your skin from sagging and tanning to an extent.


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