Cardio workout vs High-Intensity Interval Training workout


Whether you aim is to lose weight or stay fit and healthy, cardio workouts are an essential component in our daily schedule for the improved cardiovascular system. Cardio workouts are the major source that helps in burning out the calories that we consume.

Basic of HIIT

 We all know that HIIT is High-Intensity Interval Training workout and it has been changed drastically in recent days and now it’s the most trending and hot topic among people who are trying to lose weight. The workouts that are involved in HIIT keep changing at certain interval throughout your workout time. HIIT is a combination of cardio and very-high intensity of cardio workout followed by the longer period to rest.  HIIT is a workout where you are pushing your body at your comfort zone and the duration of the workout lasts between 5 seconds to 8 minutes where you burn more fat than the slow pace cardio workouts.

The Benefits of HIIT:

HIIT intensity training workout has enormous benefits that include

Better performance: When you do HIIT workout your body has more stamina and helps you to perform better in all other workouts.  HIIT workout energizes the aerobic and anaerobic systems of your body and help in boosting up your metabolism.

Improved insulin sensitivity: Insulin sensitivity refers to how your body reacts to the insulin effects in your body. When your body is more sensitive to insulin, our body needs insulin to lower your glucose level. HIIT help in improving your muscles and helps in damaging the muscles after the workout.

Burns more calories: HIIT workout burns more calories than cardio workouts which are done at a slow phase. HIIT workouts can eradicate lactic acid build-up. It is also known as an anaerobic exercise where your body burns calories during the workout and post-workout. It is also known as the after-burn effect or EPOC effect which is known as excess post oxygen consumption.

Reduces belly fat:  HIIT is more effective in reducing abdominal fat because it involves training your core muscles and helps in burning fat at a rapid rate and helps in getting toned abs

Improved health: HIIT workout helps in building up toned muscles and it also reduces blood pressure. HIIT workout helps in strengthening cardiovascular muscles and keeps you away from the risk of heart diseases.

Disadvantages of HIIT workout:

Can be uncomfortable: When you bring changes to your workout to maintain or achieve your fitness level,  you cannot expect your comfort zone in HIIT workouts.

It’s not recommended for beginners: If you are a person who involves in less workout then HIIT workout is recommended for you as it needs a strong base of the cardio workout.

Increased risk injury: HIIT workouts like sprints, burpees, and mountain climbers come with a risk if you don’t have enough practices to that kind of exercises.

What is steady-state cardio?

Steady-state cardio workout is also known as moderate to low-intensity cardio workout.  These kinds of workouts are done at a slow phase without causing damages to our muscles and bones. Steady-state cardio workouts are a great workout for people who are trying to recover from their previous injury.

Benefits of steady state cardio

Steady-state cardio workouts also have enormous benefits let us list a few benefits of steady-state cardio.

Speedy recovery:  Steady-state cardio workouts do not burn calories at a rapid pace. Steady-state cardio helps in the overall improvement of your health.  Steady-state cardio workouts allow you to complete your workout in less time and this helps in repairing your muscles at a fast pace.

Helps in maintaining muscle mass: HIIT training workouts like sprints and other workouts might damage your muscles and tissues. Cardio workouts are done at slow intervals and it helps in building endurance in your muscles and it also improves cardiovascular functions.

Burn calories: If you are a person who is leading a sedentary lifestyle then cardio workouts is the best to choose as it helps to burn a few calories with a low-intensity training workout. Thirty minutes of Badminton helps in burning 450 calories. Playing badminton strengthens your core muscles and it is effective cardio workout/

Improves the ability to use body fat:  When you workout at low-intensity fat acts as the main source of energy. Working out at low level helps you to save glycogen that uses for a high-intensity workout.

Disadvantages of steady-state training:

Time duration: When we are trying to lose weight we need to work out for a longer period to burn more calories. This may not be suitable for people who are trying to lose more weight.

Weight loss plateau: Steady-state cardio workouts have various combinations of workouts you will experience a lot of weight loss plateaus.  We have to change different workout patterns so you will grow strong and improves overall health.

Bored: When you do the same workout for a longer period you get bored with the exercise and you stop working out and you tend to gain weight as you get bored easily.

Should you try HIIT or do both together?

We all get confused when it comes to exercise. If you want to get fit with less duration HIIT is considered to be the best workout. When you are confused the answer depends on how you want to achieve your fitness goal. HIIT workouts are recommended only twice to thrice in a week as they have risk of a injury.

When you are a beginner or trying to recover from an injured journey of exercises then steady-state cardio workouts are recommended.

Best of both

HIIT and steady-state cardio have their pros and cons. It is recommended to do a mix of both as it helps in building up stamina. For beginners of HIIT workout, it is recommended to start with cardio in initial days as your body gets used to burn more energy during workouts and help you to train your body at high-intensity interval training workouts.

Note: Before you start working out it is advised to consult your physician to avoid the risk of injury.


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