Healthy foods that are really junk food that damages your gut health


The consumption of healthy food is the main reason for people in the world who are suffering from obesity and sick than ever before they had realized. As the world is changing mechanical people prefer store made healthy food mixes and powder in the market which they think are nutritious and help in improving your overall health. Many of the healthy and guilt-free options that are available in the market are loaded with junk and it is not good for your health.

Here are a few healthy foods that are actually junk foods in disguise

Wheat bread:  We all think that the whole wheat foods are made from whole wheat but actually they aren’t made from whole wheat. Whole wheat bread also has the same calories as white bread. The consumption of wheat may also cause inflammation and increases your cholesterol level.

Oven-baked popcorn: On the contrary fresh made popcorn is rich in fiber. We all think that oven-baked popcorn is rich in fiber and nutrition because we do not use oil for cooking. Microwave popcorns have an  increased level of sodium which should not be consumed often.

Granola: While doing grocery shopping we could find many brands of granola bars that contain loaded sugar.  The sugar content present in the granola bars are hidden with the ingredient lists. It is better to consume home-made granola bars than store-made ones.

Flavored yogurt: Yogurt is rich in probiotics. Flavored yogurt contains a huge amount of sugar when compared to a piece of cake. It is important to see the ingredients and check how much sugar is added to the container. Greek yogurt or unsweetened yogurt is rich in source of fiber and proteins.

Dry fruits:  Many dry fruit packages that are available in stores are loaded with sugar which is not good for your health as it increases your glucose level.  While getting dry fruits from the market make sure that it is not loaded with too many calories as they may make you obese.

Protein bars:  We all think that protein bars are easy to consume and it meets our daily need for proteins. Unfortunately, protein bars are loaded with lots of sugar and make you obese. One protein bar has 500 calories that are not good for your health. Choose home-made protein bars instead of store-made ones. Protein bars are not good for the long run as it is loaded with chemicals.

Note: It is better to consume home-made foods than store-made foods as they are processed and may lose its nutrient values before processing. It is ideal to keep a watch on the ingredient list before you get a grocery product from the shop.



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