Herbs that help in lowering blood pressure


Many adults and teens around the globe suffer from hypertension and it is also known as blood pressure. We all get perplexed when we hear about the word hypertension.

Lifestyle plays a vital role in treating hypertension.  Adapting to a healthy lifestyle might help you to lower blood pressure and help in reducing the blood pressure.


Basil is a delicious herb that has enormous benefits and the most important benefit is it helps in lowering blood pressure.  Basil oil massage helps in fighting against depression and relieves stress. The chemical eugenol present in basil leaves blocks the chemical reaction that tightens your blood vessels. The consumption of fresh basil leaves helps in lowering blood pressure and makes you lead a healthy life.


Cinnamon is a delicious herb that helps in the seasoning of your favorite foods and desserts. This spice helps lowering your blood pressure. The rodent found in cinnamon helps in bringing down extreme blood pressure.

Flax seeds:

Flax seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. The consumption of flax seeds helps in reducing weight when you have lost weight the blood pressure number comes down. The consumption of flaxseed helps in reducing cardiovascular disease and acts as an antioxidant.


When the winter begins the consumption of garlic increases, garlic not only adds flavor to your food and makes it delicious but it also helps in promoting nitric oxide in your body. The nitric oxide present in garlic helps your blood vessels to relax and reduces the blood pressure.


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory property and it has a compound named curcumin that helps in lowering blood pressure and diabetes. Turmeric also acts as antioxidants and gives you glowing skin.


Fenugreek has enormous health benefits and it is power-packed with soluble fibers that aids in reducing cholesterol level and it is recommended to consume daily for getting benefits.

Note: These are only natural remedies that help in reducing your blood pressure and you are advised to follow your physician guides along with these natural medicines.



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