Are you fitness freak and want to know why jogging is better than running?


Jogging or running is the famous form of exercise that helps in keeping our body fit and healthy.  We have a thought that jogging and running are similar exercises but they are different. The difference between the two physical activities is the pace. Jogging is running at a slow pace which is less than 6mph. Running is defined as anything which runs at a pace of more than 6mph.

Jogging versus running:

The first thing we need to describe is how complicated all these things get into. Jogging and running are interchangeably and when we observe deep we know that there is a difference between both the exercises. The difference between these two exercises is intensity. People who involve in running need to give extra effort from the muscles, fat loss, cardiovascular function, and lungs. In simpler words, runners have an extreme level of fitness.

Is jogging better for health?

We know that jogging and running are two different types of physical exercise and we get perplexed to know which one is better for our health.  The recent survey states that jogging helps in leading our life better and increased lifespan whereas runners have less lifespan when compared with the joggers.

People who lead a sedentary lifestyle and want to begin their fitness journey can opt for jogging as it helps in relaxing the muscles and reduces fat and makes your body fit an extent.

Differences in the body postures and movements:

The major difference between jogging and running is the body postures and movement. While jogging it gives a mild push to your body and runners use different movements to keep their running at a fast phase.

Jogging and running: Extra features

Each physical activity we involve provides many extra features to our mind and body that counterparts with each other and do not share. The two physical activities are

Afterburn effects of running:

The after-burn effect is the process where your body burns calories even after you complete your physical activity.  Our body needs extra energy consumption to repair our damaged muscles during the workout.  The intense workout effect can last up to 40 hours. Running is an effective workout for people who want to build muscles and have higher burn effects.

Reduce anxiety with the help of jogging:

Jogging is a natural cure for people who suffer from anxiety and depression. People prefer running for curing symptoms and many physicians and psychologists recommend jogging over running. Jogging at a slow pace helps in preventing the tension and injury caused due to running.  It is recommended to avoid running if you suffer from anxiety.


 Each physical activity has its benefits. Running and jogging are both in a similar way but they are interchangeable.  At the end of the day involving in any exercise helps in making your body fit. Jogging helps in better health when compared to running.



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