The positive and negative effects of sports supplements used by athletes


 The nutrition and sports supplement products have developed in recent years with a wide range of protein bars, protein shake that is available in the market for athletes.

The most commonly used supplements by people who train their body to get fit include supplements like vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids that are used to repair the damaged muscles while working out and they also help in building muscles.

The benefits of sports supplement:

There are a few benefits of sports supplements and let us elaborate in detail.

Aids in weight loss:

The consumption of protein in your diet helps to keep your body fuller for a longer period.  The people who consume high-protein meals lose weight at a rapid rate as protein keeps them fuller for a longer period and the craving for food also reduces and you end up eating fewer calories and this aids in weight loss.

Improved physical performance:

The consumption of sports supplements helps in improved physical performance as they have a substance named creatine.  Creatine is the substance that is naturally present in our body to build muscles and improve performance.

Helps to build muscles and gain strength:

The combination of strength/resistance training followed with cardio workouts and supplements helps in building muscle mass index and gives strength to our body.  The consumption of whey proteins works extremely well if you are planning to build lean muscle mass.

The disadvantages of supplements are

Presence of harmful substance:

The supplements that are sold in the market are processed and might contain harmful substances that might lead to severe complications in your health like seizures, kidney failure.

Nutrition deficiencies:

 We believe that supplements are great for our body but it is partly true. The supplements sold in the market can never be replaced with natural food products. The natural food products have vitamins, minerals, fibers that may not be substituted with supplement products.  It is recommended to reduce supplements and consume whole grain food so you do not face deficiencies.

Side effects:

We all know that creatine is good for health and helps in building muscles. The supplements sold in the market have higher creatine content that leads to weight gain, anxiety issues, kidney failure, and many other health complications. You need to be cautious before you consume any sports supplements.

Note: It is recommended to consume whole food instead of supplements as natural foods are rich in fibers and minerals that help in keeping our body strong and fit.



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