Effective methods to relieve stress and stay healthy


We all know that stress makes us frustrated and irritable.  Stress and anxiety are common among people because of the mechanical life they are living in. When we get stressed we find spas to relax our body and spend 1000’s of money on it which is not necessary. In this blog post, we will discuss a few methods to relieve stress and lead a healthy life.


Exercise is one of the best methods to relieve stress.  Exercising helps you to relieve mental stress.  Exercising helps in lowering stress hormones that are known as cortisol in the long run.  Sleep-deprived is the main cause of stress and anxiety. Exercising makes our body physically tired and you get sound sleep and this helps in relieving stress.  Regular exercise helps in building confidence in you and improves your mental wellbeing.

Reducing caffeine intake:

Caffeine is a stimulant that is found in beverages like coffee and other energy drinks. The consumption of caffeine more than 400 mg per day will have adverse effects on our health and increases stress and anxiety.  We know that when coffee is consumed in moderations it has great effects on our health and people’s sensitivity to caffeine varies from individual. It is recommended to consume caffeine in moderations.

Practise yoga:

Yoga is the best method to relieve stress and it is a suitable exercise for all age groups. Yoga helps in giving a better posture and keeps you relaxed.  Practicing yoga helps in reducing cortisol levels, blood pressure and enhances your mood and keeps you refreshed and relaxed.

Deep breathing:

Take a 2-minute break and increase your concentration on deep breathing.  Deep breathing helps in activating the nervous system and reduces stress.  It also helps in lowering your heartbeat and increased heart health and helps you to lead a peaceful life.

Petting your pet:

If you have a pet it is the best method to relieve your stress.  Interacting with pets, especially dogs help in releasing oxytocin that enhances your mood and brings in positive energy.  Having a pet helps in relieving stress and keeps you hale and healthy.


Stress and anxiety are caused due to various reasons and these simple tips will help in relieving stress. Exercising, eating healthy and mindfulness help in relieving stress and reduces the risk of other diseases.


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