It is time to say goodbye to bloating


Do you feel bloated after a heavy dinner or while dining out? You are not alone. The feeling of heaviness is a sign of bloating that occurs when your stomach is swollen with gas. In this blog post, we will discuss on how to relieve bloating fast by making a few changes in your diet and lifestyle. Keep reading on how to relieve bloating fast.

What are the causes of bloating?

Bloating is caused due to gas that is built in our gastrointestinal tract, which causes uncomfortable and irritation. The foods we consume can also be the reason for bloating. If you feel constant bloating, then it may affect the health of the gut bacteria. The bacteria present in the gut helps in the breakdown of food and metabolizes. The imbalance in gut bacteria results in bloating, gas, and inflammation in the GI tract.

Below are some tips on how to relieve bloating fast and improve your gut health.

Avoid overeating:

Overeating is the leading cause of bloating. Try switching to portion control that will help in reducing bloating to an extent. When you are eating, try eating with mindfulness and chew your food. It helps in controlling overeating and also leads to promoting healthy bacteria in your gut. The bacteria present in our gut react to overeating. Overeating gives a feast of fibers to bacteria present in our gut. The bacteria present in our stomach breaks down the fiber and produces gas. Overeating slows down the digestion process and prolongs bloating.

Combination of Food:

Sometimes the combination of foods also affects our gut health and causes indigestion. For example, when we heat curd and consume, it affects our gut health and causes bloating. If we properly combine food, then it helps in reducing bloating.

Stay hydrated:

The consumption of adequate water helps in curing bloating, and it also helps in improving your gut health. Getting enough water is a vital factor in getting relieved from constipation and bloating. It is recommended to consume at least three to four liters of water per day to get relieved from bloating.

Get enough sleep:

When we are stressed, we don’t sleep. Improper sleeping pattern affects our gut health and causes bloating. It is advised to sleep at least six hours a day to get relief from bloating. Adequate sleep also helps in relieving constipation.


If you want to stay healthy and get relief from bloating and constipation, then you must exercise daily. Exercising keeps your body active and passes fluid throughout our body and helps in eliminating gas from our body.


The above mentioned are simple methods on how to relieve from bloating. If bloating persists for a longer period, you are recommended to visit your physician and follow their advice.


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