Home workout routine to lose weight


Finding time for the workout is challenging than our actual exercise.  Between our mechanical life, people struggle a lot to find time for workouts. So you want to lose weight, and get fit without stepping out of your home?  Well, being your well-wisher, we will teach you the best home workout routine to lose weight. You can do this workout anywhere in your comfort zone.

Before stepping into the home workout routine, we will elaborate on why we need a bodyweight training circuit in our exercise schedule.

Advantages of bodyweight circuit training:

Home workout routine for weight loss

Bodyweight exercises targets the muscle groups, improves the heart rate and helps in burning calories. The circuit training or body weight exercises burns more calories than expected. When you strength train your body, you burn more calories. If you are trying to lose weight by doing only cardio, then you are on the wrong path. One must include strength training workouts that help to keep your muscles tone and aids weight loss. Here is a few bodyweight home workout routine to lose weight.

 The Beginners bodyweight home workout routine to lose weight:

Push up- Home workout routine for weight loss

Below is the few best bodyweight home workout routine to lose weight, which I did when I tried to lose weight. All we need to do is train your body four times in a week to see amazing results.

Note: Begin your strength training workout with a mild warm-up for three to seven minutes with a low-intensity aerobic workout. Also, if you want to boost up your intensity, you can include a sprint of cardio workout for three to five minutes.

Here is the few bodyweight home workout routine to lose weight.


Burpees are fantastic exercise that helps in toning up your entire body as it targets your lower body, upper body parts, and it helps in strengthening your core muscles. To begin this exercise, you need to stand straight with your feet and shoulders apart. As you start this exercise, you should go to the position of the squat by giving a push on your hip and knees. From this position, push your knee back and come back to the plank position and stand up again. Burpees are quite challenging exercise at the beginning stage, but once you get adapted to it you feel it, is the best home workout routine to lose weight.


Pull-ups are great exercise, which tones the upper body without using weights. All you need is to find a space to do. This exercise helps in burning some calories and tones your muscles. To begin this exercise, you need to find something that will help you in a pull-up. It can either be your doors bar or parks bar. You need to hold the bar and pull until your chin is above the bar which you are staying. It is not a great workout for beginners because you might face it quite challenging. It is one of the best workouts that target our core muscles and helps in tightening.


Push-ups are the most significant bodyweight exercise, which helps in strengthening the upper body and tones your muscles. To begin with push up, you need to get into a plank position with your hand shoulders wide apart. Slowly push your lower body without touching the floor, and then push yourself back to the same plank position. Repeat this for ten repetitions. Push-ups are a great exercise, to begin with, because they target core muscles and strengthen your body.

Mountain Climbers:

 Although many fitness freaks are perplexed and say that mountain climbers target only the lower body, it targets all your core muscles.  To begin with this exercise, you should lie in a plank position; then you need to pull your knees to the mid of your hip. As your knee extends to the floor, bring up the other knees and do it alternatively and repeat the procedure. This is one of the best home workout routine for weight loss, which burns more calories.


Despite of following these home workout routine for weight loss, you should also consume balanced nutrition which aids weight loss and keeps you fit and healthy.



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