Top 5 effective methods for improving running speed


Running is an excellent form of workout that helps in burning fat or calories. If you have just started your journey by including running in your daily workout, then there are two things to be considered. If you have been running for a while, and aiming for improving running speed, which is the goal for every runner. Running faster is more comfortable than running at a slow pace. If you are looking for better ways for improving running speed, then this post is for you.

 Effective methods for improving running speed

The average running speed:

The average running speed depends on many factors, which includes genetics and current level fitness of our body. Recent research states that the average speed of men per 2 kilometres is 9.05 minutes and for women, it is 10 minutes. The average speed is calculated by total distance by time taken to complete.

How to improve running speed?

Methods for improving running speed- A complete guide

 If you are looking to improve your running speed, then try including these simple workouts in your daily routine. It helps in building up speed and build up endurance.

Interval Training:

Interval training is one of the bestmethods to improve running speed. Interval training involves high-level intensity training and low-level intensity training. It helps in building up the pace and endurance. It burns a considerable amount of calories in a short duration. Regular interval training also helps in improving muscle mass.

           Hill training:

    If you are looking to take your internal training to the next level, then go for a trek in the hills. Climbing the inclined hills helps in strengthening your core muscles and helps in improving the endurance. Hill training helps in enhancing the ability to run faster and aids in improving speed. Hill training is effective because it has less impact on your joints than running on a flat surface.

Jump rope:

One of the best methods for improving speed is the jump rope. Jump rope is quite challenging, and it helps in boosting up your running speed. Jump rope helps in strengthening your calf muscles without having an impact on your joint tissues. Jump rope is specially designed for runners. This helps in toning calf muscles, which builds endurance.

Strength training:

      Strength training is the foundation for improving speed. Strength training helps in improving bone density and muscle mass. It also aids in weight loss. All you need is to do strength training for thrice in a week, and this helps in improving running speed on the long run.

Stay consistent:

The improvement in running speed comes from practice and consistency. It means you have to be consistent in your running routine, and this helps in improved speed and builds up the confidence to run at a faster pace. Make you sure that you claim at least a few miles in a week.

How to run safely?

To run safe and stay healthy, the following measures can be taken.

  • Specific running shoes are available in the market that offers strong support to the ankle. Change your running shoes after every 200 kilometres you run.
  • If you are a beginner, run at a slow pace and then improve your speed as you get adapted to it.
  • Stay hydrated while running because, if you get dehydrated, it may lead to various health complications.
  • Refuel your body after 45 to 60 minutes of your running to prevent from muscle loss.


The running pace depends on various factors and your current level of fitness. For improving running speed, you should participate in intensity training, strength training, and other workouts. It is essential to build up your speed gradually to stay away from risk injury. It is recommended to consult your physician before starting any new workout.



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