What is the best time to exercise- A beginners guide


Breaking a sweat is the key to stay fit. Eating right, sleeping tight, and exercising keep one healthy and fit as a fiddle. A lot of questions would revolve around the topic of exercising. One of them that is quite often asked by many is – what is the best time to exercise. This has been a topic of debate.

What suits your schedule:

Exercising at the morning hours is considered to be best, though many find awesome results even with evening workout sessions. For an individual who works out to maintain fitness, exercising in the morning hours is the right choice. Exercises help one to stay active all through the day. When you break the sweat in the morning, it will keep you fresh the whole day. Also, the morning hours are often uninterrupted, and one can carry out with the exercise session without any hassle.

What happens to the night owls? People with sleep disturbances will find it cumbersome to get up early and start working out. But can they hit the gym or take a walk in the evening? Working out like eating increases the body temperature and rate of heartbeat. Both of these are not favorable for your sleep. Exercising in the morning, can help them beat the sleep disturbances. A study as per the Journal of Physiology says exercising between 7 to 10 PM impacts the body clock adversely. If your everyday schedule can allow only evening exercising, then you need to shower as soon as you get done with the workouts. Then hit the bed. This helps in perfect sleep session.

Best time to exercise- A detailed guide

Perks of doing exercises in the morning:

  1. Exercising in the morning, before breakfast helps in burning more calories. This is due to the metabolic advantage, as you would be working out after fasting the whole night. The people who exercise in the mornings eat less throughout the day. This means you would be able to shed weight faster.
  2. You become consistent in working out and scheduling your day. Exercising in the afternoons and evenings can be interrupted by multiple responsibilities. Morning exercises often, don’t see such interruptions.
  3. Your sleep quality is improved. People who exercised in the mornings have experienced longer sleeps.
  4. Your mood is improved. Endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine are released when you regularly do exercises in the morning. This helps in eliminating stress. Morning workout sessions also help in lowering the cortisol levels of the body. Your work tension is lesser compared with your pals. If you have a healthy lifestyle, apart from exercising, it is easy to beat the stress.
  5. Preventing hypertension is another perk of doing exercises in the morning hours. Exercises help in preventing muscle tension and helps in relaxing the muscles. They also help in lowering blood pressure levels. Researchers have found that morning exercises help in bringing down blood pressure by 10%.
  6. Morning exercise sessions help in keeping off glucose intolerance, and insulin resistance. These can trigger type 2 diabetes. When you get protected against them, you are safe from the hordes of disorders and ailments caused due to diabetes.
  7. Muscle building is more efficient when you consistently do workouts in the morning hours. If you want to build muscle mass get up early and start working out.
  8. You will never miss your breakfast when you do exercises in the morning. This means you keep lots of diseases and obesity at bay.
  9. Morning hours are energetic. So, you get more energy to do your workouts. You can never skip out the workout schedules for the week, or day, when you start doing them in the early hours.
  10. Your skin health is improved when you exercise in the mornings. The flush you gain after the workout session is better than any makeup. Isn’t it a compelling reason to agree that morning is the best time to exercise?

Does that mean you can never achieve the benefits of working out at the later hours? Never. You can still reap the benefits of working out when you do them in the afternoons and evenings.

Perks of working out in the evenings:

  1. You wouldn’t stuff yourself with junk. The calories you have burnt while exercising will help you feel hungry. This means you will not crave for sugary items of junk food. You naturally pick healthy foods to eat. Also, you will not stuff yourself with loads of food. This means falling sleep is easy.
  2. Your evening hours are the end of your business day. So, there are no restrictions on the number of hours you work out. You can hit the gym for an hour, and run for 30 minutes. While in the morning hours, you have to take into account your working hours.
  3. Had a stressful day at work? Then when you break a sweat after the long working hour helps in leaving stress off before you hit the bed. This means improved sleep quality.

What if you can’t exercise in the morning hours? Few people have to juggle between domestic chores and getting ready for office in the morning hours. For a few, kids, and other stuff can hinder the evening schedule of exercising. In such cases, if you can manage to grab some time in the afternoons, is that a good idea to workout?

You can improve your endurance and performance when you exercise in the noon. Your body temperature is high in the afternoon, and you can get optimum results for muscle training when you do exercises in the noon. Evenings can also be the best time to exercise if you do not find time for it


So which is the best time to exercise? Morning exercises have several advantages. But if you are not able to get time, or if your work schedule doesn’t permit you to hit the gym or run or swim in the morning, there is no harm in working out in the evenings or noon. Consistency is the key. Find a suitable schedule for you, and start exercising. Be consistent, and stick to the plan.



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