Walking vs running -which is better for overall health and weight loss


Runners love to run because it keeps them warm, and the intensity of the workout is high when compared to running. On the other side, walkers say that slow and steady helps in improving overall health and improved joint muscles. So we often end up having a debate on walking vs. running.

When your goal is to lose weight, you must consider a few factors. Before you start walking or running get to know the facts and which will help boost your metabolism and reduce weight.

Walking vs running which is better

Walking vs. running?

Research states that walking is same as the running, but running helped burn more calories in men, and women tend to become toned, which helps them to lose excess fat and make them look lean and fit.  Another surprising fact is that women who had practiced walking experienced the same weight loss while comparing with women who preferred running. While comparing walking vs. running both helps in losing weight. If you are a beginner to exercise, prefer to start with walking, and gradually start doing jogging or running. It depends on the metabolism of your body.

Walking vs. running for losing weight?

Weight loss:

Research states that running helped in twice the calories while compared with walking. For example, half an hour of walking will burn 120 calories, whereas running will burn 240 calories. So one hour of brisk walk will help burn the same amount of calories while you spend only half an hour time in running.

Risk of Injury:

Though running will help burn twice the calories of walking, the risk of getting injured is high if you compare walking vs running. Research states that walking causes more injury, and it is not safe for people who are obese and suffering from cardiovascular disease. Walking helps in distributing workload evenly and reduces the risk of injury.

The requirement of training:

Walking need not require any training and anyone can begin according to their convenience. However, if you are in mind to prefer running, then it would cost extra effort, and not everyone can start running. Running requires an extreme level of training, which helps in preventing the risk of injury.

Health Benefits of walking and running:

While comparing walking vs running, running slows down your metabolism, and it causes various diseases. Researches state that walking is said to be one of the best exercises with no health risks involved. Walkers are less prone to illness since they don’t sweat a lot, and runners sweat a lot, which might trigger headaches.

Heart health:

Runners follow intense workout to get rid of their blood pressure and sugar level, which helps in a significant way. It can also be achieved by walking if you follow a two hours of brisk walk every day.

Strengthening of back:

While you run, you put a lot of pressure in your spine, which might cause back pain, or the spine may become weak. Walking helps in strengthening your spine and also provides great support to your spine. Walking is always a better exercise for people who suffer from spine issues.

The bottom line:

Be it any exercise walking, jogging or running it will be your personal choice. Choosing a workout should be based on your physical strength, age, and history of diseases. It is always safe and better to consult a physician before you begin with any exercise.



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