Four types of toxic cookware and its alternative


We all know the importance of healthy eating, but we fail to understand the importance of healthy cooking with cookware. The Household purchase has become complicated these days, and there is no wonder that cookware is also added in its list. Several toxic cookware are available in the market like non-stick, aluminium, copper and nickel. In this blog, post we will elaborate on toxic cookware and its alternative

Non toxic cookware which is healthy

Types of toxic cookware:

Toxic cookware and its harmul effects
  • Teflon cookware:

Teflon or non-stick cookware is the biggest offender in the list of toxic cookware. The Teflon or non-stick coating is made of plastic polymer, which is highly poisonous, and when it is heated, it releases polymers and flumes. These flumes cause Teflon flu or fever. Non-stick cookware is not only fatal to humans, but they are also toxic to a pet animal. It is recommended to avoid the usage of toxic cookware.

  • Aluminium cookware and Aluminium foil:

 We all know that aluminium is widespread metal and most commonly used house utensil. Aluminium has neurotoxic metals in it, which is harmful to our health. Increased levels of aluminium in our body affect our brain health, and sometimes it also causes Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminium cookware is prone to chipping and creates harmful effects on our body.

  • Copper cookware:

We all have a craze over copper utensil because they look cute and handy, but at the same time, it also has negative sides. Copper has conductive properties, so heating becomes quick. Copper is essential for our health but in limited quantities. A Heavy dosage of copper in our food might cause metal poisoning. The copper coating often contains nickel which is harmful to our health in many ways.

  • Ceramic coated cookware:

Ceramic coated cookware looks elegant and handy; however, ceramic cookware is entirely safe for use. Ceramic coated cookware is harmful to our body and causes various ailments. Ceramic coated cookware gets chipped away due to over usage and causes lead poisoning. It is not recommended to use ceramic coated cookware.

Alternatives to toxic cookware:

Several alternatives are available in the market instead of toxic cookware in the market. Here are a few non-toxic cookware which boosts your immunity and also does not have a harmful effect.

  • Cast iron cookware:

If you are anaemic, then it’s high time to get a real cast iron cookware. Since iron helps in increasing our haemoglobin, the mild traces of iron present in your cookware add iron to your food, and it is also healthy and safe to eat. It adds iron to your diet naturally, when you cook with cast iron cookware.

  • Glass cookware:

Glass cookware is another alternative for toxic cooking materials, and it does not cause any poisoning to our body. When glass cookware is used, the heat is spread evenly, and it is also environment-friendly. Hence glass cookware are better than toxic ones.

  • Ceramic cookware:

Ceramic cookware is one of the best and safest cookware because no toxic materials are used for their preparation, and it is made with naturally available materials. It is better to use ceramic or earthen cookware since they are environment-friendly.

The bottom line:

Cookware should be chosen carefully because toxic cooking materials might affect your health in the long run. It is recommended to use non-toxic cookware since they are environment-friendly and made with naturally available materials.



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