Building strength by offering resistance to muscle contraction is a great idea to keep fit. If you are wondering how to go about it, then resistance exercises lets you do that. It is also often known as weight training or strength training. When the muscle groups of our body need to overcome resistance, they will start work to do it. This makes the muscle groups strong, provided you do the resistance training consistently and repeatedly. The traditional resistance training exercises are done with the barbell or dumbbells to increase muscular strength.

What can you expect?

The benefits of resistance exercises

Resistance training is not only for the gym-goers who want to improve their body’s strength. Resistance exercises are great for people who want to keep fit. When done regularly, these exercises help in lowering the risk of heart diseases. It keeps a tab on the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In short, it can be kept at bay the diseases and disorders that can be caused due to increased cholesterol and blood pressure, and improve the quality of life. For the people who are consistent in performing the resistance exercises, sarcopenia risk is reduced. This is a condition where the muscle decline happens due to age.

Here comes the most significant advantage of resistance exercises. They help you get toned and stay in shape. Do not confuse this with losing weight. Many exercises can help you shed the pounds. But, toning the body muscles only will make you look fit, and assured body shape is gained with resistance exercises.

Benefits of Resistance Exercises:

  • It helps in improving flexibility and balance. This helps to let you stay independent even as you get old.
  • It helps in building stamina. It is quite a fact that when your strength improves, you get less tired.
  • Your mobility and balance increase.
  • It is a great way to prevent back pain, arthritis, obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases. It is also one of the best pain management techniques.
  • The posture improves
  • Quality of sleep increases, and you can avoid insomnia.
  • The risk of injury is very less with consistent resistance exercises.
  • The muscle to fat ratio comes down.
  • Your performance and self-esteem soar.

How to start with resistance training exercises?

The impressive list of benefits of resistance exercises urges anyone to try the resistance exercises. When you are all set to start the various resistance exercises, it is essential to screen for the existing medical conditions. This helps you perform the exercises safely. It is also a get idea to start training under the supervision of a professional trainer. Also, you should start with twice or thrice a week. You can start with 8 exercises, and one set of each initially. Every second day or third day, you can move to 10 sets of repetition.

You cannot begin the exercises immediately. Warm-up sessions are vital. Running, cycling, and a few light aerobic exercises are a few good choices.

Things to do when you move to the advanced level:

You can move ahead with high-intensity exercises, based on the experience. You will increase the weight, and the resistance duration grows higher. You need to do the resistance training for a few months to progress to the advanced level.

What happens when you enter into the advanced level?

Even at the initial stage, it is easy to see the resistance exercises offering strength improvement with ease. When you move the advanced state, the gaining of strength and size of the muscle group can be tougher. This is because the neural adaptation has given you the strength when you started with the resistance exercises. This means the nerve cells have offered the strength, and the contraction has been performed. So, you are now stronger, but the muscle size has not seen any change. In the term of the professionals, this is called hitting the plateau. You can easily shorten the plateau period. The technique is to do various exercises. Your muscle groups when you do different sets of workouts are surprised as they need to respond based on the different stresses.

Most of the time, your gym instructor would let you increase the number of repetitions. Every muscle group takes 48 hours for recovery. Remember this, and improve the frequency of exercising. You can do workouts for your legs on a day, for shoulders and hands-on another day, and biceps and back on the third day. You should also increase the workout duration for 10 to 15 minutes and increase the weight by 10%. A good idea is to cross-train. This means, swim or run, or you can opt for cycling. Also, the muscle groups can be surprised by changing your workout schedule every 6 to 8 weeks.

Types of resistance exercises:

Triceps Curl:

You need to train with free weights. This exercise will help you get a strict movement. You can hold a weight in both hands, or hold a large weight in both hands. You can also use a free arm to help in performing the exercise with ease.

Basic Push Up:

This is a mandatory exercise you need to include in your routine. This is a standard exercise any trainer would ask you to do. You don’t need any equipment to do this exercise, and can be done with your hands. It helps in working out the various part of the body, which includes your arm, upper body, shoulders, and back muscles. People who need aid can find the push-up grips coming handy.


For the toned thighs and buttocks, lunges are great. Again, this exercise doesn’t need any equipment, and you will find it working miraculously.

Trying these 3 exercises for resistance training at home is easy, and can bring all the benefits of the resistance training.


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