Can eating less make you gain weight?


Weight loss is directly proportional to the food intake and workouts. Food intake here means a balanced diet. Fad diets have become the trend, and some people skip eating to shed stubborn fat. Do they achieve results? A few manage to drop the weight, only to gain it back when they get back to a routine eating schedule. But the majority of them are annoyed at the weighing scale showing increased weight. This happens because of eating less and it leads to gaining weight.

Can eating less make you gain weight

How does eating less make you gain weight?

Your metabolism is the reason:

Why do I put on weight even when I eat nothing or hardly anything? If you are looking for answers to the question, then you have to understand how the metabolism works. Understanding that humans are meant to be a nomad is crucial. Before settling down as a civilization, humans kept walking around a lot. The metabolism still remembers this. When there is no food it had to be stored. When the stone age men and women had no luck with hunting or finding foods from trees, their bodies were trained enough to store fat. The mechanism remembers this to date, and when you end up eating too little can make you gaining weight.

The body can be compared with an animal in hibernation mode. It knows to stock the nutrients required for the period of starvation. When the food intake becomes less, the storage goes higher. The body has one goal- to burn calories for energy. So, when it sees lesser carbs coming in, it has no other option except to burn fat. The good idea is to store fat when the input starts getting less. The metabolism slows down as a reason. All the foods you take are stored as fats. They are meant to be used when there is no source of food.

The body is designed to perform efficaciously when you eat a balanced diet. When the fad diets or elimination diets are followed, you might be getting results you never expect. The growing waistline is the counterproductive result of the fad diet you follow. It might seem a good idea to cut down all the carbs and fats you take for a while. But in the long run, the body tends to gain weight due to the metabolism that gets slowed down.

It also has to be noted that digesting the calories you have consumed needs some calories to be used. The major calorie consumption activity happens when the body is digesting whatever you have eaten. Also, when you do not eat properly, the stress-related hormones get a kick. These steroid hormones are the last thing you need if you want to shed weight.

You love to eat a lot when you starve:

An emotional factor is that when you are on a fad diet or when you skip eating, you are tempted to eat more. Have you ever noticed the cravings for junk are higher when you skip your breakfast? Or your craving for pizza overpowers your determination when you are too keen on eating tiny bits? The craving is a by-product of eating very little.  You would love the processed foods that are loaded with fat. While a few determined ones can come out of this during the initial days, it is quite impossible for the vast majority. This is why you can often see people quitting diet plans halfway. The New Year resolution of weight loss never lasts until the end of the month, because many fail to understand that your body needs time to lose weight.

Getting to know about this snowball effect of gaining weight with eating less is crucial. Especially, when you want to lose weight healthily, this fact has to be understood. You need to take fewer calories, which doesn’t mean you go on a full-day fast, or munch like a squirrel. Cut down the intake of junk food, processed food, and turn your eyes to the greens and fruits. They give you enough nutrients and fiber to lose weight. But, what if you are not intentionally eating less? Many people do not understand that they eat too less.

Here are a few symptoms you can find when you are eating lesser than what you require.

The constant urge to eat many times a day. Hunger is the first sign the body shows that some food has to go in. The requirement of energy sends signs as hunger.

Shiny and long hair needs lots of nutrients. When you deny them by eating less, they find ways to part with you. Your body doesn’t consider hair a vital organ, and will never focus on it when the rationing of calories happens.

Your reproductive hormones are not released when there is a low supply of calories. The chances to get pregnant drops a lot when you are not eating enough.

Your mood drops, and you are irritable when you are starving yourself.

You cannot enjoy quality sleep. Tossing around the bed for long, and also finding it less possible to be deep sleep are consequences of lesser calories. Again, lack of proper sleep can lead to weight issues.

Your calorie intake plays a vital role in keeping your body heat at the right levels. If you find yourself feeling cold often, then it is time to eat more.

Your bowel movements would go haywire and constipation is on the cards. This is because waste products are lesser.

These are warning signs your body is showing you all the time when you eat less and gain weight. So, your inadequate calorie supply can hurt you in various ways, rather than doing good.  Shedding weight has to be done in an organized way. Take healthy and balanced food, and work off at your gym, or home.   


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