5 Effective Remedies for sore muscles


 You are pushing yourself after a workout helps in analyzing how healthy your body is and motivates you to get fit and healthy. People who begin their fitness help in boosting their self-confidence. But you experience sore muscles due to this

The only drawback after an immense workout is muscle sore. The more you push your body for the workout, the soreness keeps increasing. It is the reason that we have put together a few natural remedies for sore muscles. With tips from home remedies and our own experience as a fitness freak, we will guide on effective remedies for sore muscles.

Effective remedies for sore muscles:

Stay Hydrated:

Staying hydrated is the most important to get rid of muscle sores. Dehydration is the leading cause of sore muscles and makes your muscles joint weak. So stay hydrated to keep your muscles healthy and reduce sore muscles.

Take an ice bath:

If you have forgotten to take a stretch after a workout and you could feel the muscle soreness, then taking an ice bath is the effective remedy for sore muscles. Spending fifteen minutes of ice water right after your workout helps in reducing muscle inflammation and reduces the soreness.

If you cannot withstand the cold water, then apply ice packs where you suspect pain might arise. Upper back, shoulders, calf muscles are a few are where you could experience sore muscles.

Indulge in Massage:

Massage is one of the best ways to loosen up your muscles, improves blood flow and reduces swelling. This helps in reducing muscle soreness. You can even try gentle massage to parts of your body wherever you feel it’s hurt. Use very gentle motion, so that you don’t hurt more.  A deep tissue massage helps in revitalizing your muscles and gets rid of sore muscles.

Keep stretching:

Stretch is an essential part of exercising as it helps on loosening up the limbs and make you prepare for the workout and gives you relief from tiredness. Stretching is said to be one of the effective remedies for sore muscles. When you stretch your body before the workout, it helps in ease movements and makes your muscle strenght. It is better to stretch your entire body after and before a workout. If you are trying for a particular part, then focus more stretch on that part as it can help in preventing from damage.

Apply heat pads:

After a few hours of extreme workout, you will feel a burn in your body. At this time, instead of using cold packs go for the reverse ones. Application of heat pads and warm water bottles to the affected areas helps in reducing inflammation and gives you relief from muscle soreness.

The bottom line:

Before doing any workout or remedies, it is better to seek medical advices If you have prolonged muscle sore take professional help. These remedies are for instant relief.



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