Why quinoa is said to be super beneficial food?


When it comes to nutrition, there are multiple ways to add them to your diet. One of the popular choices across the globe is quinoa. This is a pseudo-cereal, where you eat the edible seeds. This is a plant food that is rich in protein and contains lots of essential amino acids. This is a storehouse of B vitamins, phosphorous, magnesium, fiber, iron, and Vitamin E. This can be the very reason for going to consuming quinoa. But, you need to know the various health benefits of Quinoa.

Amazing health benefits of Quinoa :

Health benefits of quino
 The right food for health-conscious people:

As you have read the nutrient-rich property of this plant food, you can be sure that it is a storehouse of nutritious values. Quinoa is gluten-free, and counted as whole-grain cereal, though it is a pseudocereal. In fact, this plant can be grown in space, as NASA scientists believe. Easy to grow and simple to cook, this food has been a part of the South American diet for hundreds of decades. Most people do not include important components in their foods. The minerals are an example. Quinoa helps in adding magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, and zinc with ease. With one cup of this cereal, you get 30% of the required daily need of magnesium. Soaked or sprouted quinoa is a good source of minerals. This is highly recommended because the presence of phytic acid can reduce the bioavailability of these minerals.

An excellent choice for protein:

None amino acids are called essential. Amino acids are proteins are made of. Plant foods that are rich in protein do not always offer all the 9 amino acids. Quinoa is rich in all these 9 essential amino acids. It is a rich source of protein compared with other plant sources of protein. This is a complete protein. So, use this in your diet, if you are performing strenuous exercises, or give it to kids who need more protein for rapid growth. With every cup of this cereal, you get 8 grams of protein.

The right solution for diabetes diet:

A diet for diabetic people has to contain a low glycemic index. In simpler words, it should let the blood sugar rise gradually. When high glycemic index foods are taken, it leads to hunger, and the diabetic patient tends to eat more. A low glycemic index food, on the contrary, keeps one full. It also prevents obesity. Obesity is the condition that leads to diabetes and heart ailments in most cases. Putting it into control is the easiest way to stay healthy. But keep in mind that this plant food is high in carbs too. So you cannot consider this an option if you are on a low-carb diet. Unlike other gluten-free foods, quinoa is a rare food that also ensures the lowering of blood sugar levels. Research states that when this cereal is added to a diet that is rich in fructose, the negative effects of fructose are eliminated.

Helps in shedding weight:

Taking lesser calories is the mantra for weight loss. Your intake of calories should be lower than the quantity you spend. A few foods are often in the list of foods that promote weight loss. They have features that either keep one full due to the fiber contents or increase the metabolism. The fiber contents help one feel full for longer and suppress appetite. When metabolism is boosted, weight loss happens faster. Quinoa is a food that has many such interesting properties. So, if you are looking for food that has nutritional value, and helps you stay fit and fabulous, then this cereal should be your choice. The fiber contents also help in promoting proper digestion. This is a major health benefit of quinoa.

 Gluten-free food:

For people with gluten intolerance, the major setback is that not many foods that are free from gluten are good for health. Quinoa is a suitable food for those who long for healthy foods that are free from gluten. Potato, rice flour, and refined tapioca are few popular gluten-free choices. But they can have adverse effects on health. This is eliminated when you consume this cereal. So you can be free from the guilt that you consume junk to stay safe from gluten foods.

 Rich in flavonoids:

Flavonoids are trace nutrients that are very vital for overall health. These plant antioxidants are known for fighting against viruses, cancer, and depression. You can never miss out on these important nutrients when you consume quinoa. Quercetin and kaempferol are rare flavonoids that are lesser-known to many to maintain good health. Consuming this cereal will help you include them in your diet without any hassles.


When there are so many impressive health benefits of quinoa, you can also get allured to consuming quinoa for aiding in tissue growth. It also is a great food to maintain your heart’s health. When you need to get so many advantages, often you need to opt for a few compromises. Most healthy foods can never be consumed in interesting ways. This is surprisingly not in the case of quinoa. You can add it to your food in multiple ways. Make your pancakes with them, add them to your cereals or make salads. You can find enough recipes online to come up with interesting and healthy ideas.


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