What is calisthenic exercise and how beneficial it is?

Benefits of calisthenic

In simple words, calisthenic exercise are simple exercises done with repetition or sets based on our capacity. For example, if you are doing ab crunches, make it four sets of each ten times. When calisthenic exercises are done correctly, they help strengthen your muscles, and your flexibility increases. Calisthenic exercises are meant to tone your muscles and flexibility and helps you lose weight drastically.
Some of the primary examples of calisthenic exercises are

Jumping jacks

Ab crunches





How is calisthenics effective?

How calesthenic workout trains your body?

The repetitive exercise of 3 sets is termed as calesthenic exercise. These exercises help remove our regular workout regimens because there are many effective exercises in calisthenics. This will help to tone your body. One can do these exercises without any equipment or guidance. This form of exercise is known as calisthenic exercise.
It is recommended to practice calisthenic exercise as it improves flexibility.These exercise also help in resistance training and keeps your body fit.

⦁ The repetition depends on the individuals’ fitness capacity.
⦁ As you increase the sets of repetition, it enhances your muscle strength and trains your body for strength training and increases your muscle mass.
⦁ These exercises help in building a well-toned body.

How are calisthenic exercise safe for all age groups?

How are calisthenic exercise safe for all age groups?
Well, you do not need any fancy types of equipments to start these exercises. These exercises are budget-friendly, and you dont need to invest so much money in the gym. Calisthenic exercises tone your body and give an athletic look. These exercises are not the same as your regular workout.
⦁ These exercises reduce the cost of your gym.
⦁ All you need to do this exercise are some good music and a mat to perform these exercises.
⦁ Calisthenics exercises help in targeting the right muscles and tones your body.

A Few Calesthenic Exercise that helps in achieving your goals:

Calisthenic exercise are done based on individual’s fitness. There is a vast range of exercises from that you can choose an exercise which suits you.
⦁ Warmup – It is recommended to warm up your body before you begin any workout.
⦁ Push up two sets of each 15 count
⦁ Bicep dip three sets of each ten repetitions
⦁ Ab crunches four sets of each 15 repetitions.
⦁ Lunges three sets of each 15 repetitions.
⦁ calf raise three sets of each ten repetitions.
⦁ tricep dip three sets of each 15 repetitions.
⦁ plank 30 secs for each side
⦁ Squats 4 sets of each ten repetitions.
These nine exercises help tone your body and target your muscles, and it also helps in improving mass muscle index. These exercises target large muscle groups and strengthen your core muscles.

What are the health benefits of calisthenic exercises?

Virtually Free: These exercises do not need any equipment. All you need is your own body to do these exercises. These exercises do not need any memebership. If you want the calisthenic exercise to be a functional strength training workout, you may invest in bodyweight as they increase your body’s functional strength.

Improved Functional strength:

Functional strength is one of the significant advantages of implementing calisthenic exercise in your daily routine. As you progress in your calisthenic exercises, you will gain strength i.e is similar to strength training and resistance training. You can visibly see changes in the growth of your muscles.

Flexible time and Place:

Calisthenic exercises add beauty to your workout regimen. Your body becomes the world of the gym. Gyms, holidays, and classes may restrict your fitness journey. Calisthenics will never restrict your fitness journey. Instead of going to the gym, you can go jogging or a sprint interval workout. Calisthenics gives the power of control.

Progression is easy :

Calisthenics is easy for beginners and even more comfortable to progress in it. If you are a beginner, begin with two sets of each eight repetitions. Gradually increase your repetition. You can also add weights to do calisthenic exercises, as they help in improving your muscles and strengthens your core muscles.

The Bottom Line:

Calisthenic exercises are comfortable to begin with. It is always recommended to consult your physician before you begin with any workout routine.


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