Why creatine is important for women? How is it safe?


Creatine has become the buzzword among the women who hit the gyms. If you have ever thought about what energy drink the other gym partners try before starting the workout, then it is creatine. For unknown reasons, it has been considered a reason for weight gain and water retention. Also many consider it is mandatory for women who go to the gym. For a few, creatine is synonymous with steroids. You need to know several facts about this chemical compound before jumping to conclusions and know why creatine for women is important.

What is creatine and why do you need it?

Creatine is non-protein nitrogen, meaning it is not a protein but contains nitrogen. This is
synthesized in the liver and pancreas and can be got from meats and fish. But you need to consume a lot of them to get an adequate amount. Creatine was discovered in the early 1800s, and the name comes from the Greek word Kreas which means flesh. This chemical compound has nothing to do with steroids and doesn’t hurt the functioning of hormones. Before creatine hit the markets, there were studies with it on animals. A wild fox had a high level of creatine compared with a fox in captivity. Scientists concluded that creatine levels in muscles improved with more exercise. Creatine, an amino acid is produced by the liver naturally, and the precursors being glycine, methionine, and arginine. This is the reason why this chemical compound was not considered a must to have as a dietary supplement.

Energy enhancement is on the cards:

The energy currency of muscle cells is adenosine tri-phosphate, ATP in short. This helps in endure the energy when you are in a strenuous workout session or doing any physical work that consumes lots of energy. Creatine helps in restocking ATP. When you exercise demands short bursts of energy, creatine helps immensely, for instance, when you are lifting weights or sprinting, this chemical compound has an integral role to play with the energy metabolism and helps in boosting endurance. Disbursing ATP is the key to keep going on with the strenuous exercises.

But human muscles can supply only a small amount of ATP, which again emphasizes the need for creatine for women who need more energy. Without it, you will feel fatigued, and you will end up feeling too tired. The creatine molecule PCr works to create the Pi molecule to form ADP. This reforms ATP. So, this means building muscle fat is easier. There is no depletion of ATP when you take adequate creatine supplements. Of all the benefits of Creatine in women, performance enhancement is the prime. So what are the other benefits?

Does it work on women?

A few years back, Creatine was most popular with men’s supplements. It has to be understood that the anatomy of men and women is a lot different, and not all products and supplements suit both genders. However, when it comes to the energy and muscular system, the working principle is the same in the human body. When creatine is regularly taken by women, studies prove that the performance is improved as quickly as a month or 5 weeks. When there is a high-intensity workout, a woman is involved, creatine is the right supplement to enhance and boost performance. 

  • Reap the benefits:

Creatine taken during workout sessions helps in taking oxygen to the brain at higher levels. This implies the mental clarity support the supplement offers. Women engaged in boxing or complex dance movements need mental clarity and physical strength to go on with their routine. Healthy bones and skeletal system are other benefits women enjoy while taking this chemical compound. So, for women over 50 years of age, creatine is a boon. These women enjoyed the improved physical function and improved quality of life. Also, a regular exercise routine helps with creatine supplements. 

  • Don’t trust the myths:

The myths around creatine can trigger reluctance, which is quite natural. One of the reasons why many women hesitate to take creatine is that it leads to weight gain. It has to be understood that creatine is a naturally occurring substance. So, it would not lead to undesirable weight gain. While in men this can be true to an extent, this doesn’t happen in women. Thanks to the low testosterone levels in women. It is calorie-free and there is no way it leads to fat deposit in your body. This is never a reason for you to shake your head for creatine. It can at times lead to an increase in weight up to 3 pounds. This is merely due to the increase in lean muscle mass, and if you engage in consistent exercise, it is easy to offset the increased weight. 

If you have started to think that creatine is a must for women who hit the gym or engaged in some form of workout, you are wrong. This is a naturally occurring amino acid present in meat. So, you can take this as a supplement in low doses. If you follow a vegan diet, you do not have to worry as this compound appears in meat. The supplement is vegetarian and vegan. 

The recommended dose is 5 grams per day, and fortunately, it is easy to take creatine in an everyday routine. Mix with cold water, juice, or any cold liquid. Consume before you start working out or after you worked out. But remember it works well when you take it on the same day of workout. Make it a part of your consistent routine, and you will reap the benefits.   


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